Illinois Agency Disclosure Forms - Lead Base Paint, Mold & Radon Gas Pamphlets

New laws have been implemented for consumers to understand the different type of agency relationships that are available. Before disclosing confidential information about yourself and family you must decide how you want to be represented.
Also public awareness about lead, mold & radon gas. The pamphlets below will give some guidelines and some helpful information.

Here are the 4 agency relationships;
Buyer Agent - represents the buyer not the seller, has to treat the seller fairly.
Seller Agent - represents the seller not the buyer, has to treat the buyer fairly.
Dual Agent - represents both seller and buyer, has to treat both seller and buyer fairly.
No Agency - consumer does not want to be represented, most minimal services.
The legal forms below will give you some insight, but contact us so we can go in more detail before we begin to talk about real estate, it's the law!
Please read the documents below, it's very important!